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Find truck parts and paint in Johnstown, PA, at Mardis Wholesale Inc. We sell our products to retail customers and businesses, including repair shops and body shops. We offer delivery service to local businesses during our regular work hours. Mardis Wholesale also has outgoing UPS shipping Monday thru Friday for auto parts and supplies only. Call us today at (814) 288-4031 or contact us online to learn more. We also offer automotive parts and automotive paint for our customers.

Hard-to-Find Automobile Parts for Johnstown, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Depending on the make and model, some trucks have parts that can be incredibly hard to find. Whether you own a domestic truck or an import, Mardis Wholesale Inc can help you find the right automobile parts. Trust our team to find your automobile parts on time. If we cannot find it for you, we will place a special order for them. We receive daily deliveries from multiple warehouses, allowing us to find the parts in no time. If you live in Johnstown, PA, and beyond, come to us for automobile parts.

Mardis Wholesale: Professional Automobile Paint Sales For Your Truck

Are you looking for a new paint job? Or maybe paint buffing to bring back the shine. Mardis Wholesale Inc can help. Since our inception, we have been making trucks look brand-new again with our automobile paint sales. Our team of experienced professionals can ensure your vehicle will look its best. Contact us today for more information about our professional automobile paint sales for your truck. We take great pride in serving our customers with quality automobile paint.

We Are Johnstown, PA’s, Trusted Automobile Parts and Paint Center

We are proud to serve Johnstown, PA, and the surrounding areas with high-quality truck parts and paint. Every vehicle requires proper parts to keep it going, and we are proud to provide them to our customers. At some point, every car needs a new paint job, and we proudly offer that, too, for the following places:

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