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When you need battery parts for Johnstown, PA, give Mardis Wholesale Inc a call. The car battery is usually the last thing on anyone’s mind until the day their car does not start. Modern car batteries can deliver years of dependable service without replacing battery parts. Whether it is a lead-acid wet cell, lead-acid gel cell, or lithium-ion batteries, our battery parts can fix them. Since our inception, we have provided Johnstown, PA, and the surrounding areas with quality battery parts. For more information on what we have available, call (814) 288-4031, or contact us online. View our customers and services. We also offer automotive parts and automotive paint.

What Are The Most Common Battery Parts?

A battery is composed of a cathode, an anode, and an electrolyte. A chemical reaction occurs within the cell, moving electrons from one place to another and producing a current. Here is a brief description of common battery parts and their functions:

Anode: This battery element gives up electrons. While discharging energy, the anode is the negative electrode. When charging a cell, the anode becomes the positive electrode.

Cathode: This part absorbs electrons. To improve conductivity, graphite is traditionally used in the cathode.

Electrolyte: This component is the substance that transmits energy through the cell. The anode and cathode never touch, but the electrolyte connects then. Electrolytes come in either solid or liquid form.

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Since our inception, we have provided Johnstown, PA, and the surrounding areas with battery parts. When customers call us for battery parts, we take their needs very seriously. As part of our quality customer service promise, we will go above and beyond to deliver quality service. Battery parts are essential to keeping your car running smoothly and efficiently, and we are proud to provide them. We are pleased to serve the following locations with top-notch battery parts:

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