AC Delco Batteries in Salix, PA

Mardis Wholesale Inc: Batteries That Set The Standard For Performance

For AC Delco Batteries in Salix, PA, come to Mardis Wholesale Inc. AC Delco batteries have always strived to blend their long history with cutting-edge innovation. The company has streamlined its packaging for a bold new look that simplifies selecting the best parts. At Mardis Wholesale Inc, we are proud to provide our customers with top-notch batteries that can meet any need. For more information about AC Delco Batteries for your car or truck, call (814) 288-4031 today. We also offer automotive parts and automotive paint.

Selling AC Delco Batteries to Salix, PA, and Beyond For More Than 50 Years

Are you looking for quality batteries for your vehicle in Salix, PA, and beyond? Trust a business that knows their customers’ needs in Mardis Wholesale Inc. AC Delco Batteries can meet virtually any need. Whether you need them for automotive, industrial, or marine vehicles, you can get them at our shop. AC Delco Batteries come in the following types:

Gold: Formerly known as the “professional” line, AC Delco Gold are the highest-quality battery. The company manufactures these batteries to meet the expectations for fit, form, and function that General Motors requires.

Silver: This battery is a high-quality value option for most makes and models backed by General Motors. AC Delco Silver batteries are formally known as the “advantage” line.

Mardis Wholesale Inc: High-Quality AC Delco Batteries You Can Trust

Since our inception, we have provided Salix, PA, and the surrounding areas with AC Delco Batteries. Every car needs a good battery to ensure optimum performance. AC Delco Batteries are made of high-quality materials that can keep your vehicle running. We take our customers’ needs very seriously and always go above and beyond to deliver our best work. Mardis Wholesale Inc is proud to provide AC Delco Batteries to customers from: