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We Provide Quality Paint You Can Trust In and Around Sidman, PA

Mardis Wholesale Inc offers premium PPG paint in Sidman, PA. Having such high-quality paint products makes us the area’s trusted paint center. Our shop is the go-to place for Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company (PPG) paint products and much more. When you come to our store for PPG paint, we can assure you that you will have a great experience. Our staff takes great pride in providing and educating our customers about our products. Call (814) 288-4031 today about the automotive parts, automotive paint, and truck parts and paint we carry.

PPG Paint Provides Revolutionary Color Matching Ability

For more than 125 years, PPG paint products have revolutionized the painting industry. One of the most challenging aspects of vehicle restoration is finding the right paint color. When you think of the vast array of colors across the various models, the nuances become countless. Since its inception, PPG paint has produced quality products that can match any vehicle. Auto repair shops around the country use PPG auto paints because of its revolutionary color matching abilities. When it comes to color matching, there is no substitute for PPG paint.

We Are Proud to Provide an Industry Standard Paint For Our Customers

Wherever you venture across the country, you will find PPG paints as one of the most sought-after products. The company has a history of being recognized for its products, earning several prestigious awards. PPG paint utilizes the most advanced technology, offering products at all stages of the painting process. These products produce great results for a very affordable price. If you are in the market for a new paint job for your vehicle, choose PPG paints from our shop.

Mardis Wholesale Inc: PPG Paint for Sidman, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Residents of Sidman, PA, and the surrounding areas come to Mardis Wholesale Inc for PPG paint and more. When it comes to painting your vehicle, quality matters. Our experienced staff takes great pride in offering quality products and educating our customers about them. We want to ensure our clients understand the products they purchase and has a great experience shopping with us. Mardis Wholesale Inc is proud to serve the following locations: